Luxury Fabrics and Furniture is a leading source of high quality textiles and leathers for the B2B community. 
We are weavers and distributors of high end textiles servicing the residential, commercial, and hospitality markets.


For more information:
Or Call us at 201-917-6894

Requesting a Sample

You can request free samples by entering discount code "SAMPLE" at checkout. Alternatively, you can email or call to process a sample request.

Cutting for Approval

Cutting for approvals will be sent before shipping (unless you specifically waive the CFA). All sales are final after shipping.

Stock Availability

Due to the high volume of orders, please check stock availability before placing order.

Custom Orders

Orders over 100 yards will be quoted for special volume pricing. Custom orders, colors, and special weaves can be produced. Please inquire with a sales representative. 

Designer or Retail Accounts- Tax Exemptions

If you are a design firm or wish to sell retail please inform us and we will create a tax exempt customer account for you. Whether you checkout through our online store (make sure you login with your account), or place an order with invoicing, your tax exempt status will be reflected. 

Shipping and Handling

Please call for international shipping arrangements and costs. 

Return Policy

Before shipping you will receive a Cutting for Approval. Once purchase order is shipped, there are no returns accepted.